Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Retaining wall

On the last long weekend our neighbour came over with his bobcat and worked with John to finish the final stage of the retaining wall behind the garage.

The first row of rocks

The end product, not quite finished, but the rest of the work John should be able to do by himself without the bobcat. Steps are going to be added where the sand pile is.
Next job will be the lawn around the house and maybe one day, hopefully soon, a patio!

The supervisors...


and Oakey


  1. NIce work! Will have to come around some time and have a look! But not in the next 6 months - we've had enough of travelling up to Perth! Haha...

  2. Hi, like your blog, hope you keep it up
    love mum

  3. Nice blog floss!! Will be nice to see some photos of you guys :)