Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cows vs Horses

This is just too good not to share....Last Friday John had the day off to spend some time at home getting things done around the house. Anyway at some point during the day John was gazing outside at his cows and he remarks to me that his cows are so cute...well, I nod and agree, they are pretty cute! Then he comments that he doesn't know why he didn't get some cows earlier...again I just nod and agree. Then he says....and wait for it.....my cows are so much better than your horses! WHAT...did I hear right? surely he didn't just say that!? How on earth can some dumb cows be better than my beautiful regal lovelies?? So I question him as to why on earth he would think such a thing and his reply was that they are just so easy and don't cause ANY trouble. Well, what could I say to that? As lovely as my horses are (and they are!) I have to admit that over the years they have caused an eensie weensie tiny itty bitty amount of grief and trouble (and yes that is the biggest confession you will ever get out of me!)

Well didn't I get a good laugh when less than two hours after John proclaiming his cows don't cause trouble Victor decided to catapault over the fence into the neighbours property! Yep, something my horses have NEVER done!!
As it was going on dark all rescue attempts were abandoned and our neighbour very graciously allowed Victor to spend the night there (after John assured him that Victor was NOT going to eat ANY of his thousands of dollars worth of plants and trees...don't know how he managed to say that with a straight face!!!)
So Saturday morning we were out there in the sub zero temperatures with hail and gail force winds chasing this bloomin' cow around and I thought that now would be a good time to point out to John that "You know honey, if this was a horse we would just be able to catch it and lead it back!" Needless to say I didn't get much of a reply!

Well, all is well that ends well, and this one did, John cut the fence, Victor went back on the right side, and John spent the rest of the Saturday in the freezing cold fixing the fence! And I watched from the nice warm house with a smug grin on my face thinking 'that'll teach him for bragging' In fact I almost wonder if my horses were the ones to push the cow over that fence just to prove a point that horses are better!! Mwahahaha

A photo of John setting up a temporary fence so he could go to the hardware to get things to fix the cut fence. Victor is surveying the damage he has caused and my horses are watching on like two little goodytwoshoes!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

John's cattle farm

John's got his cows! On Friday night John and Hayley went to help Ben and Alyssa move house and came back on Satuday with his new cows, Victor (Angus X) and Tiny Ted (Fresian runt).
Victor's inspiration in life is to grow nice and fat and become a juicy steak! I'm trying not to get attached, I can be a tough farmer...really I can!! *chants that to myself everytime I look at Victor*

The float backed up to the stable getting ready to unload. Do you like our new wheels? We needed it to pull the new float :D haha

John and Hayley eagerly waiting for them to come out, my poor horse had to give up his stable for the night for these cows!

Hayley giving Riley cuddles while watching the cows in the stable

All settled in to their home :)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to the horses!!

Today Hayley was invited to a birthday party for Drew who turned 5! Drew is Mark's son, the manager at Durham Lodge where I worked before having Riley. It was such a perfect day to be at the stud enjoying the sunshine surrounded by horses, very appropriate since it's the horses birthday today as well!
While we were there one of the mares decided to foal (rather unusual foaling in the daylight) so Hayley was super excited to get to see it being born. She saw one being born last year as well but she was a bit younger than so doesn't remember it. Her exact words were "it's sooo cute!"
This was one of my favourite outside mares from last stud season so was really nice to get to be there for her foaling! (outside meaning the stud doesn't own her)
I managed to get it all on camera of course...Mrs Namasaki at it again!!

The minute we arrived Hayley made a bee line down to the pony for a ride

John mucking around with the boys. They were firing toy rockets, Hayley obviously thinks her Dad is more amusing! :-)

Princess Belle foaling, she was taking a bit long and as it was her first foal Mark had to give her a helping hand pulling it out.

The peanut gallery watching on in awe!

Just out! Princess Belle checking out her bubba

First attempts at trying to stand with the sack still on

Mum finally up and saying hi to her baby

This photo was taken as we were leaving, it was finally standing but still a bit wobbly. It was trying to suck milk from the shelter :-P

And here's one that was prepared earlier...
This foal is by Universal Prince (the new stallion) and this is his first WA foal born. It's also the first living foal born in WA this year too as foaling isn't meant to start till the 1st Aug being their 'official' birthday! So technically this foal turned 1yo today :-P The studbook does allow a week or so grace though.

The first two foals for the year down now another hundred or so to go!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

John's cousin from Holland

John's cousin Dave Dijkman is over from Holland at the moment and spent last Friday night at our place.
He has been travelling around Australia for the past 4 months and arrived in Perth a couple of weeks ago to see the family here before heading back home.

Hayley loved having Dave over, she had so much fun with him!

Dave, Hayley and John posing after Hayley had covered them in coloured tape.

Doing a perimeter walk around the property. They almost needed a packed lunch to do this walk apparently hehe

About lunchtime we headed off on a road trip. Our first stop was Western Range winery where John bought the finest wine available! Obviously the sales lady of the year works there!! Here Dave and Hayley are sharing a joke outside the winery.

Then we went to Kings Park and showed Dave beautiful Perth. It was the perfect day for it, nice and sunny!

And then it was onwards to Armadale where we all met for dinner at the manse. Beck is hiding there somewhere too :)

And then a night cap at Tony and Becks where I tried in vain to get a nice group shot of the boys. What was I thinking?!? After about 20 shots (I'm not kidding either!) this was the best I could come up with!
It was a great day and night and was nice to meet another one of John's cousins. Hopefully one day we can go to Holland and meet them all :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Busy Baking

Well I am starting to get a hang of this whole cooking thing but normally I tend to stick to my choc-banana muffin recipe from the kids cookbook. The one with only one chef hat of difficulty which basically means that a 2yo child could make it in their sleep so maybe I could actually make it!!
Anyway I was coaxed out of my comfort zone the other day when Hayley spotted these funny face muffins in a magazine and of course very sweetly asked if I could pleeease make them!

Here are a few pics of the fun she had while I was making them!

Carefully measuring the flour to add to her cake mix

Busy mixing it

Taste testing...not quite sure how good it tasted after adding all that flour to it!!

All cleaned up again and ready to enjoy a yummy muffin (and yep...they actually were!!)

Monday, July 13, 2009

A Trip to Busselton

On Thursday Mum and me went to Busselton for a couple of days with Hayley and Riley to do some cardmaking. We stayed at Susan and John's on Thursday night and the Riverbank in Busselton on Friday night.

Charlene giving Riley cuddles. Riley decided he had a totally different itinery than what I had planned for him in Busselton. His included being in his bed as little as possible and making sure he got cuddles from people all day long which he suceeded in doing!

Master O'Riley (@10 weeks) and no, I didn't name his after the racehorse ;-)

Celeste helping Hayley have a go at this 'thingy-ma-jiggy'

In the end she decided the scooter was a bit easier for her and had fun zooming around on it

The awesome clock Bruce designed himself and made! Very talented I reckon!! Orders can be taken at BJ Designs :-)

Charlene, Susan, Celeste and Mum all hard at work making cards

Hayley watching a dvd with Twister the kitten, she absolutely loved this kitten and carried it around all the time as you can see from the photos and when she wasn't carrying it she was looking for it. Twister is Oscar's half brother (same Mum)

Busy making dinner in the nice newly renovated kitchen with Hayley, Twister and Harry watching on.

A Trip to Busselton cont...

Friday morning...Hayley, Harry and Susan

Nat and Clive joined us Friday morning and we all went into town and enjoyed a yummy brunch at the Dome.

Clive enjoying his peppermint tea

Hayley and Clive enjoying a muffin while Riley is getting lots of attention from the girls

John, Dad and Gary joined us Friday after work and we all went out to the Goose for dinner.
Riley was happy to have his favourite sleeping spot back and fell instantly asleep of course!!

On Saturday morning we went to a park in Busselton so that Hayley could play for a while. When we were there Mr Whippy came round and the whole playground emptied in a few seconds except for Hayley who had no idea what that tune meant!! So we decided to introduce her to her first Mr Whippy icecream :-)