Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cows vs Horses

This is just too good not to share....Last Friday John had the day off to spend some time at home getting things done around the house. Anyway at some point during the day John was gazing outside at his cows and he remarks to me that his cows are so cute...well, I nod and agree, they are pretty cute! Then he comments that he doesn't know why he didn't get some cows earlier...again I just nod and agree. Then he says....and wait for it.....my cows are so much better than your horses! WHAT...did I hear right? surely he didn't just say that!? How on earth can some dumb cows be better than my beautiful regal lovelies?? So I question him as to why on earth he would think such a thing and his reply was that they are just so easy and don't cause ANY trouble. Well, what could I say to that? As lovely as my horses are (and they are!) I have to admit that over the years they have caused an eensie weensie tiny itty bitty amount of grief and trouble (and yes that is the biggest confession you will ever get out of me!)

Well didn't I get a good laugh when less than two hours after John proclaiming his cows don't cause trouble Victor decided to catapault over the fence into the neighbours property! Yep, something my horses have NEVER done!!
As it was going on dark all rescue attempts were abandoned and our neighbour very graciously allowed Victor to spend the night there (after John assured him that Victor was NOT going to eat ANY of his thousands of dollars worth of plants and trees...don't know how he managed to say that with a straight face!!!)
So Saturday morning we were out there in the sub zero temperatures with hail and gail force winds chasing this bloomin' cow around and I thought that now would be a good time to point out to John that "You know honey, if this was a horse we would just be able to catch it and lead it back!" Needless to say I didn't get much of a reply!

Well, all is well that ends well, and this one did, John cut the fence, Victor went back on the right side, and John spent the rest of the Saturday in the freezing cold fixing the fence! And I watched from the nice warm house with a smug grin on my face thinking 'that'll teach him for bragging' In fact I almost wonder if my horses were the ones to push the cow over that fence just to prove a point that horses are better!! Mwahahaha

A photo of John setting up a temporary fence so he could go to the hardware to get things to fix the cut fence. Victor is surveying the damage he has caused and my horses are watching on like two little goodytwoshoes!!


  1. Quietly chuckling here. Clive is loving all the pictures of 'Hayleys' animals on the side :)