Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to the horses!!

Today Hayley was invited to a birthday party for Drew who turned 5! Drew is Mark's son, the manager at Durham Lodge where I worked before having Riley. It was such a perfect day to be at the stud enjoying the sunshine surrounded by horses, very appropriate since it's the horses birthday today as well!
While we were there one of the mares decided to foal (rather unusual foaling in the daylight) so Hayley was super excited to get to see it being born. She saw one being born last year as well but she was a bit younger than so doesn't remember it. Her exact words were "it's sooo cute!"
This was one of my favourite outside mares from last stud season so was really nice to get to be there for her foaling! (outside meaning the stud doesn't own her)
I managed to get it all on camera of course...Mrs Namasaki at it again!!

The minute we arrived Hayley made a bee line down to the pony for a ride

John mucking around with the boys. They were firing toy rockets, Hayley obviously thinks her Dad is more amusing! :-)

Princess Belle foaling, she was taking a bit long and as it was her first foal Mark had to give her a helping hand pulling it out.

The peanut gallery watching on in awe!

Just out! Princess Belle checking out her bubba

First attempts at trying to stand with the sack still on

Mum finally up and saying hi to her baby

This photo was taken as we were leaving, it was finally standing but still a bit wobbly. It was trying to suck milk from the shelter :-P

And here's one that was prepared earlier...
This foal is by Universal Prince (the new stallion) and this is his first WA foal born. It's also the first living foal born in WA this year too as foaling isn't meant to start till the 1st Aug being their 'official' birthday! So technically this foal turned 1yo today :-P The studbook does allow a week or so grace though.

The first two foals for the year down now another hundred or so to go!

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