Monday, August 10, 2009

John's cattle farm

John's got his cows! On Friday night John and Hayley went to help Ben and Alyssa move house and came back on Satuday with his new cows, Victor (Angus X) and Tiny Ted (Fresian runt).
Victor's inspiration in life is to grow nice and fat and become a juicy steak! I'm trying not to get attached, I can be a tough farmer...really I can!! *chants that to myself everytime I look at Victor*

The float backed up to the stable getting ready to unload. Do you like our new wheels? We needed it to pull the new float :D haha

John and Hayley eagerly waiting for them to come out, my poor horse had to give up his stable for the night for these cows!

Hayley giving Riley cuddles while watching the cows in the stable

All settled in to their home :)

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