Monday, July 13, 2009

A Trip to Busselton cont...

Friday morning...Hayley, Harry and Susan

Nat and Clive joined us Friday morning and we all went into town and enjoyed a yummy brunch at the Dome.

Clive enjoying his peppermint tea

Hayley and Clive enjoying a muffin while Riley is getting lots of attention from the girls

John, Dad and Gary joined us Friday after work and we all went out to the Goose for dinner.
Riley was happy to have his favourite sleeping spot back and fell instantly asleep of course!!

On Saturday morning we went to a park in Busselton so that Hayley could play for a while. When we were there Mr Whippy came round and the whole playground emptied in a few seconds except for Hayley who had no idea what that tune meant!! So we decided to introduce her to her first Mr Whippy icecream :-)

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  1. I'm guessing you guys dont have Mr Whyippy up where you live. Better not come visit us on a sunday because that is Capel's Sunday music!