Monday, July 13, 2009

A Trip to Busselton

On Thursday Mum and me went to Busselton for a couple of days with Hayley and Riley to do some cardmaking. We stayed at Susan and John's on Thursday night and the Riverbank in Busselton on Friday night.

Charlene giving Riley cuddles. Riley decided he had a totally different itinery than what I had planned for him in Busselton. His included being in his bed as little as possible and making sure he got cuddles from people all day long which he suceeded in doing!

Master O'Riley (@10 weeks) and no, I didn't name his after the racehorse ;-)

Celeste helping Hayley have a go at this 'thingy-ma-jiggy'

In the end she decided the scooter was a bit easier for her and had fun zooming around on it

The awesome clock Bruce designed himself and made! Very talented I reckon!! Orders can be taken at BJ Designs :-)

Charlene, Susan, Celeste and Mum all hard at work making cards

Hayley watching a dvd with Twister the kitten, she absolutely loved this kitten and carried it around all the time as you can see from the photos and when she wasn't carrying it she was looking for it. Twister is Oscar's half brother (same Mum)

Busy making dinner in the nice newly renovated kitchen with Hayley, Twister and Harry watching on.

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  1. Looks like you had a good time in Busso!
    Love the photo of Master O'Riley!
    Does Twister have a fear of the outdoors too?