Sunday, July 12, 2009

Meet Tiny Ted

On our way back from Busselton we stopped by Capel and went to a dairy farm to meet Tiny Ted our soon to be newest addition to our funny farm!
We were hoping to get a meat cow but as Tiny Ted doesn't look or sound edible we are going to get an Angus x as well. So in 6-8weeks when they are both on grain we will be making another trip down to pick up Tiny Ted and his mate.
John is finally going to get his cows!! He has been wanting to get some for a while now but I kept our property too full of horses!! :-)

Tiny Ted on the right, he was a twin which is why he is so small. The other twin was born normal size and Tiny Ted was born half the size.

Hayley and Tiny Ted

Tiny Ted having a hoon around

John dreaming about the day he runs his own head of 100 cattle and drives around in a tractor all day with a beer in his hand hahaha

Hayley and Riley going for a walk with Oma Dobbe

The cows all waiting to come in.

This is where the cows got on and off the rotating milker. The black cow was backing out and there was one behind it ready to take it's spot. It was a huge dairy farm with over 700 milking cows which take 4.5hours to milk!!

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  1. Awwwwww!!!! I want one!! That's our dream for one day when we are nice and rich! To have a 'farm' of our own. Ben's already eyeing off a tractor he want to buy!
    When you guys move down south so we can go halves on a farm?? Hopefully not anytime soon! I wanna first buy our house here and live in it for a good number of years!