Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday Afternoon Bonfire

Today we had Eric & Sonja, Issac and Amaya and also Tony & Beck, Ashlyn and Ebony come over for the afternoon for a bonfire and bbq.Was a full house with now 6 kids all 3 and under! The kids provided us with plenty of entertainment...and noise!! but was cute to watch the cousins having fun together :-)

The 3 oldest cousins, Ashlyn, Hayley and Isaac

Having fun outside playing in the sand

Isaac having a go at riding the "horse" but judging by the girls faces they seem to be thinking he is doing it all wrong!

Now this is how we do it...

Now off to check out the real horses!

Isaac chatting to Shorty

Hayley and Starlike, which according to Hayley is her horse! Shorty is too small apparently so he is now Riley's horse, she's a big girl so she needs a big horse! haha I'm thinking she can stick with the ponies a wee bit longer!!

Tony standing near the woodpile while the other boys were collecting more sticks from next door's property.

Getting the fire started, Isaac was all girled out so went and joined the boys!

Love this father and son shot that Sonja took of Eric and Isaac

Go Tony!! Sam the neighbour joined them for a bit

We had a bbq but had to eat inside as it was too cold and wet out.

Riley is 7.5wks and Amaya nearly 5mths.

The 3 youngest cousins, Riley, Amaya and Ebony, the dads are a bit camera shy!! :-)

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